Generative AI Use Cases and Solutions for Real Estate

Access the largest database of generative AI use cases for Real Estate and the solutions that generate major business impact for your company with AIManager360

80% of your business tasks and use cases could be enhanced or automated with Generative AI.
You are in front of the best opportunity to boost your business that you will experience in decades. It's time to go beyond the hype!

Automated Use Case Identification with the Largest Database of Real Estate Use Cases. Easier is not Possible!

AIManager360 focused at the beginning on the Real Estate vertical. It was the first vertical chosen on purpose to test our custom AI solution building capabilities. Our algorithms and our research team have identified a large set of use cases that could be automated or enhanced with AI. Those ones are at your fingertips out-of-the-box when you use our AIManager360 solution.

That enables you, to calculate your revenue increase and cost savings in just a couple of clicks. 

We aims to own the most complete database of use cases for real estate, with identified real economic impacts. What with others offering you consulting services will take weeks or months with us it will happen in a matter of minutes for most of your use cases.

No generic approaches. No fake cases. Your own use cases!
Save time and costs

Customer-centric, tailored AI solutions for real estate professionals

Empower your real estate services with a comprehensive arsenal of 90+ AI Tools: create detailed listing descriptions, convert listings into social media posts, videos, landing pages, and more. They will get customized in hours and produce outcomes that replicate your quality and styles. The chosen solution and models are evaluated in terms of risks such as GDPR. cybersecurity, environmental impact. We mitigate risks for your organization!

110 -180B
generative AI productivity impact in real estate
1.0 - 1.7%
total percent of industry revenue
average improve in employee productivity
savings of the time previously spent on similar tasks.
ai for real estate

Customized for Real Estate Challenges

We begin by analyzing your challenges. We then evaluate existing AI options, tailor them for real estate using industry-specific data, and when we need to achieve better outcome accuracy we create custom solutions.

For complex issues lacking ready-made solutions, we employ advanced ML tech to build our own models.
One stop shop

AI for each step of the real estate customer journey

With a single license, get access to a comprehensive suite of AI tools: from listing properties online to creating captivating property videos and prioritizing emails based on user intent. wAIpify seamlessly integrates multiple AI generators, allowing you to transfer results from one tool to another.

high quality without effort

Get personalized, high-quality outcomes in a matter of seconds

The AI goes beyond what you can achieve with standard AI models, providing outcomes that adhere to industry standards. Our AI model experts have meticulously crafted prompts to encompass all industry-specific requirements, ensuring that the final results align seamlessly with the needs and expectations of both sellers and buyers.

Custom AI solutions

Custom integrations with API

Utilize our APIs and SDK kits to create your customized integration experience. We are committed to guiding you through every step of your integration journey.

knowledge support

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