The Best Generative AI Business Intelligence and Management Solution for Consulting Firms

Deliver higher quality generative AI reports in the shortest time. Make monthly recurring revenue with AIManager360 while delivering great value to your customers

Everybody wants advice about generative AI. But AI talent is scarce and keeping up to date with the hundreds of new monthly solutions is cumbersome.
AIManager360 makes it easy for consultants to have a flourishing AI business.

Multiply Your Business with Higher Quality and Efficiency of Your Generative AI Assessment Services

What if you could deliver a 360° Generative AI opportunity & Impact report in 1/5 of the time you spend now but still charging your customer the same fee?
We apply generative AI and advanced business intelligence to enable semi-automated generative AI use case identification, solution matching and financial impact estimation.
Aggregate your own business intelligence and re-use it accurately when you need it!

Faster Reporting and Faster Real Business Impact

We are masters in the use of creative thinking methodologies to innovate with generative AI.

Our solution is not only the most complete in order for companies to achieve massive revenue increases and cost savings. We are also pioneers in technology to build custom solutions.

Take your customers from strategy to real impact in the shortest time!

Different Visualization Formats

For company owners understanding generative AI and integrating it on their strategy may require different formats, from powerful data visualizations to written narratives.

We aim to give response to the most important options.

Become our Partner and Increase Your Business

Our work does not end with the report. Our company goal is for you to provide your customers massive positive business impact. That translate in handsome revenue increases and cost savings.

We provide our customers continuous value and they will be happy to come with you and us on a long term journey.

Contact us and enjoy a great business partnership.

Short Learning Curve

We provide you our workshop methodology and our tool makes the rest.

Our goal is to count on updated business intelligence from the different industries already at your fingertips. Reports are semi-automated and you will only need to provide your personal touch to deliver an excellent report with minimum effort!

Go From Strategy to Massive Business Impact in the Shortest Time-to-money with AIManager360!

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