Responsible AI Frameworks and Policies

Generative AI will help your business succeed! There are important data privacy, ethical, human rights, environmental,  cybersecurity and accuracy aspects among others that you should take into account to choose the best model or solution for each of your use cases.
For AIManager360 it's critical that you embed this considerations in your Generative AI strategy. That's why here we provide you a selection of the most relevant Responsible AI frameworks and policies.
Alan Thuring Institute: Understanding AI Ethics and SafetyTensorFlow:Responsible AI ToolkitAI4PeopleMicrosoft Responsible AI ToolboxWorld Economic Forum: AI Procurement in a BoxDesign Ethically Framework and ToolkitsArtificial Intelligence (AI) Ethics for Nonprofits ToolkitGradient InstituteWorld Economic Forum - Empowering AI LeadershipGoogle PAIRIndiaAI:Mitigating Bias in AIUnited Nations Global Pulse: Building Ethics into Privacy Frameworks for Big Data and AIUK Data Ethics Framework
Really critical for European Companies is the coming regulation from the European Parliament that could enter into force in 2025

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