Generative AI Use Cases and Solutions for Retail

Access the one of the largest database of generative AI use cases for Retail and the solutions that generate major business impact for your company with AIManager360

80% of your business tasks and use cases could be enhanced or automated with Generative AI.
You are in front of the best opportunity to boost your business that you will experience in decades. It's time to go beyond the hype!

Automated Use Case Identification with the Largest Database of Retail Cases. Easier is not Possible!

Generative use cases in retail are almost infinite!  There are countless cost savings, revenue and productivity increases opportunities.

Our algorithms and our research team have identified a large set of use cases that could be automated or enhanced with AI. Those ones are at your fingertips out-of-the-box when you use our AIManager360 solution. That enables you, to calculate your revenue increase and cost savings in just a couple of clicks.

We aims to own the most complete database of use cases for retail, with identified real economic impacts. What with others offering you consulting services will take weeks or months with us it will happen in a matter of minutes for most of your retail use cases.

Even more, in our team you find tech and product leaders that have had access to the most complex industry use cases working for some of the top digital commerce platforms such as Spryker, Commerce Tools or Forto... just to mention a few of them.

No generic approaches. No fake cases. Your own use cases!
Save time and costs

Top AI generation tools in your pocket

Harness the power of versatile AI models to effectively tackle your individual business challenges and unique requirements.

$2.6 to $4.4T
value potential of generative AI across industries
AI generation tools already available covering many use cases
average improve in employee productivity
savings of the time previously spent on similar tasks.

Customized AI Solutions for Every Retail Business Use Case

Our process starts with a deep understanding of your unique challenges. Subsequently, our algorithms identify use cases linked to your published information and own data.
We assess the available AI solutions, customize them specifically for your sector by leveraging industry-specific data, and develop making use of our advanced customization technology
ai for each use case

AI for each step of the customer journey

Empower your team with AI: from listing products online to creating captivating videos and prioritizing emails based on user intent and more. wAIpify enables you to seamlessly integrate AI into your workflows at each step of customer journey.

high quality without effort

Get personalized, high-quality outcomes in a matter of seconds

Custom AI goes beyond what you can achieve with standard AI models, providing outcomes that adhere to industry standards. Our AI model experts have meticulously crafted prompts to encompass all industry-specific requirements, ensuring that the final results align seamlessly with the needs and expectations of both sellers and buyers.

AI team expertise

AI as a Service

Work together with a team of AI experts collaborating closely with you. We specialize in crafting customized AI solutions that cater to the unique requirements of your company and individual users. Our approach blends semi-automated processes with expert AI generation, ensuring that you receive tailor-made outcomes that truly align with your objectives.

talk to AN AI expert

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