Build a Generative AI MVP and Achieve Your First Major Business Impact with Our AIManager360 Workshop

Identify your use cases and the best generative AI solutions for them. Fine-tune AI models and implement those initiatives that deliver major impact to your business!

“You will go out of our workshop achieving your first meaningful business impact and a clear generative AI MVP roadmap, not with a to-do list powerpoint to be implemented by yourself in the future”

Workshop Agenda: A Generative AI MVP to Achieve Major Business Impact

The usual duration of the workshop is 1 full day. Our team and our algorithms will do part of your job the days before the workshop. We will deliver already most of the contents you need for a successful MVP implementation.
The content presented here is an example and the actual content is more detailed than what you can see here. You will receive a full agenda once we agree on a workshop date.

1) Introduction to Generative AI and its potential

2) Your Company's Culture Transformation and AI. Risks and Benefits

3) From chatGPT to Aleph Alpha to Google Gemini... Going Beyond them to Focus on Your Real Needs

4) Your Generative AI Strategy (with deliverables)

5) Analysis of your identified business use cases (Using AIManager360 software)

6) Matching AI Solutions. How to evaluate providers and models and include Accuracy, GDPR, Cybersecurity... and Responsible AI criteria

7) Visualization of Opportunities and Impact. Comparison of initiatives based on ROI and business viability

8) Proposed Generative AI Roadmap, including low hanging fruit solutions

9) Implementation of first custom solutions with AIManager360 and existing best matching tools.  

10) How to ensure the highest team adoption

After the workshop session, there will be a follow up session of 4 hours to evaluate first impact.
The MVP has as its main goal to deliver first impact in a matter of days and a return of investment of with the initiatives included on the Roadmap of more than 500%, for the selected company periods. 

Rely on Our Advanced Generative AI Business Intelligence

When it comes to achieving business impact with generative AI you can resort to a conventional consulting service and end up with a lot of to-dos that you need to manage or achieve massive cost savings and profit increases in the shortest time to value with AIManager360

Scope and value of service/service typewith a regular AI consulting servicewith AIManager360
Generative AI Introduction
chatGPT uses
Generative AI Analysis Scopevery limited360°
Industry Use Cases Benchmarklimitedextense
Number of AI Solutions & Models Analyzedvery limited> 100
Business Viability evaluation of Solutions & ModelsX
Responsible AI evaluation of Solutions & ModelsX
Compare generative AI initiatives based on ROIX
Compare generative AI initiatives based on Customer ImpactX
Generative AI RoadmapX
Generative AI MVP with first business impactX
Time to first Business Impact>3 monthsdays to weeks
Your ROIvery limited>600%
Generative AI solutions Monthly updates for your use casesXwith monthly subscription

Go From Strategy to Massive Business Impact in the Shortest Time-to-money with AIManager360!

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