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Increase sales by highlighting the location's best characteristics. Attract buyers with highly customizable location descriptions.

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Show most popular places in one click

Save customers' time by providing a Google map location and highly customizable location description. Dedicate your time to more meaningful tasks with automatic AI generation.

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High-quality, customizable location descriptions

Provide comprehensive information with fields like Public transportation, Places and interests, Hotels, and Distance to the Train Station and Airport to help you rank in search engines for all the popular local places.

save time and costs

Become a trusted partner in the area

Show expertise and understanding of the area by mentioning places where the locals go. Choose freely what you want to show and what is less important.

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Start Using AI with Zero Learning Curve

1. Start your free trial
Access all AI generators from one space and add a Location Description generator to your workspace.
2. Use our web app or AI Commerce Console
Move the cursor on the bar for each category to show or hide places in the area. Specify the distance for public transportation, places and interests, hotels, train stations, and airports. The AI will only include places in the specified distance into the description.
3. Generate translations in seconds from one workspace
Click "Generate" to have a location description ready in seconds. Generate an embeddable link to Google Maps. Copy and paste into your system and start generating interest from buyers in the area and beyond.
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