The Most Complete Solution to Manage Generative AI for Product Managers

Plan and prioritize generative AI initiatives by ROI and product impact. Provide real time transparency to your company's board

Enjoy a comprehensive solution for generative AI opportunity discovery and prioritization, generative AI roadmapping, solution discovery, fast testing and implementation. With advanced business intelligence for selected industries.

A Generative AI Management Solution that Uses Design Thinking Methodology

Start from hundreds of contents and tasks generative opportunities easily identified for your industry. Then choose those with major impact to your own organization.

Choose among dozens of evaluated AI solutions and models or create your own solutions. Discover the best solution, test, adjust and implement in the shortest possible time!

Prioritize Based on ROI and on Your Own Product Metrics

We know generative AI implementation it's not only a matter of effiency but also a matter of customer value. We help you placing the customer at the center of your organization's generative AI strategy.

Where some tools and consultants rely only on internal cost savings, we know is still about customer impact. That's why our solution aims to combine direct economic impact with product metrics to help you making data-driven decisions.

Compare Initiatives Side By Side

As a product manager one of your main tasks is to prioritize. generative AI is impacting hundreds of tasks and contents and therefore prioritizing which of them to implement is more critical than ever.

You will be able to place generative AI initiatives next to each other with our reporting tool and compare them to make the right decisions.

We have already evaluated many of the tools you will use. You will be able to evaluate business impact, business viability (based on criteria such of accuracy, GDPR, cybersecurity, model bias, environment), time to first impact, in a fraction of the time that would take you if you did it on your own.

Control the Status of Each of Your Generative AI Initiatives Real-Time

AIManager360 is the perfect tool for your planning and initiative monitoring. You can see the status of all your generative AI initiatives. Change their status and plan them according to your company objectives.

Evaluate Product Risks and Achieve Impact in the Shortest Time-to-Money

We aim to provide you the best no code solutions for your industry that require the minimum custom implementation time and mitigates the feasibility risk for you.

Our industry solutions are easily customizable and enable you to move fast into testing in the solution discovery phase.

You will be able to evaluate value and usability risks fast and make final implementation decisions with confidence.

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Go From Strategy to Massive Business Impact in the Shortest Time-to-money with AIManager360!

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