Identify Your Generative AI Use Cases and Their Impact. Take Action!

AIManager360 is the best solution for you to Identify your generative AI use cases with ease. Inventory them and find the best market solutions. Achieve massive ROI right away

“Most of your business use cases and tasks, cross-function, can be automated or enhanced with generative AI ”

Easier is not Possible! Automated Use Case Identification 

AIManager360 Aims to own the most complete database of use cases by industry, with identified real economic impacts. 

That enables you, to calculate your revenue increase and cost savings in just a couple of clicks. What with others offering you consulting services will take weeks or months with us it will happen in a matter of minutes for most of your use cases. Reduce unnecessary noise and cumbersome department meetings. A big percentage of your use cases are identified by our algorithms from your published data!

With a couple of workshop days, we can fine-tune and have a full cross-functional use cases identification that actually reflects your own daily activity.

No generic approaches. No fake cases. Your own use cases!

How to Manage Your Generative AI Use cases to Achieve Massive Revenue Increases and Cost Savings?

Have Full Control Over Your Generative AI Initiatives with Our Use Cases Manager and Impact Visualization Tools

Imagine a C-level executive starting their day by opening the AI Use Case Reporting Tool. With a few clicks, they see a comprehensive dashboard showing the performance of all AI initiatives. They notice one project is underperforming and immediately schedule a meeting with the relevant team, armed with all the data they need to have a productive discussion. The tool not only saves time but also ensures that decisions are data-driven and aligned with company goals.

No matter if you are a C-level executive, a product manager, a consultant.. You will enjoy this level of control and confidence to make decisions with the best generative AI actionable insights

Classification of Your Use Cases in Different Levels of Risk

Not all your use cases are the same.

The requirements of the AI solutions and underlying models to use will be different attending to the risks they pose to your organization.

Different factors define the risk for your organization:
- Transmission of personal data as described on the data privacy regulation in your country (GDPR in the EU, for example),
- The impact of the specific use case's on people, environment, society, security, human rights… 

You can find more information here ADD LINK

Find the Best AI Solutions to Produce Economic and Customer Impact for Each Use Case  

AIManager360’ goes even further than just identifying the use cases. It will offer you a list of the best existing Generative AI solutions to impact the use case, with special attention to those that match your current technology ecosystem and show positive impact on final customer and product KPIs.

In many cases the best option in order to achieve accuracy an adoption by your teams will be to build a custom solution or fine-tune an existing one to achieve high outcome accuracy and team adoption.

As one of the pioneers companies in Generative AI, our company has already shown big success combining technologies such as GPT, Azure GPT, Google APIs for the top business impact in different industries. In September 2023 more than 90 AI custom generators were part of our marketplace.

Visualize the Economic Impact of Generative AI Application to Each of Your Use Cases and Make Decisions Based on ROI

You will be able to create reports and visualizations in different formats, to help you easily compare initiatives:

- Visualization Chart
- Report Table
- Report Narrative (Available in February 2024)

Go From Strategy to Massive Business Impact in the Shortest Time-to-money with AIManager360!

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