Generative AI Opportunity & Business Impact Analysis 360

AIManager360 is the best solution to compare generative AI initiatives' business impact and viability cross- function

“Most of your business use cases and tasks, cross-function, can be automated or enhanced with generative AI. Prioritizing the ones that really can move the needle is more critical than ever   ”

Go Beyond the Hype! Analyze Your Processes Cross-function! 360°!

Although your product development team excitement has shown success in a couple of GPT implementations, chances are your not even scratching the surface of your potential impact.

Logic tells us that the most repetitive tasks and use cases take place in our core business. That means a in-depth evaluation of all our core business processes is necessary.

It's also important that we take an innovation mindset. The current technology shift has enable a disruptive approach that can end up putting at risk your market share if you are not the one taking the lead. A software such as AIManager360 has been specially designed to use design thinking methodologies to ensure that you are ahead of the curve on innovation.  

But reality goes further from what you can imagine. Some support processes can also be the source of tremendous cost savings and revenue increases.

With that panorama you need to be able to visualize all the potential generative AI initiatives side by side, compare impact and prioritize those initiatives that will generate most critical impact first. AIManager360 it's the most complete to get you there without effort and with dramatic time savings and accuracy.‍

Compare Initiatives Side By Side with the Most Powerful Reporting Tool

If you are doing things properly the number of initiatives where you can use generative AI to reduce costs, increase revenue or increase productivity it will be large. Comparing them in terms of ROI and in terms of customer impact will be critical to your success.

With AIManager360 you can place initiatives next to each other, visualize their risks and business viability score and make data-driven decisions.

Manage All Your Generative AI Initiatives from One Single Place. Plan, Manage and Monitor Impact

Use Top Reporting Capabilities

You will be able to create reports and visualizations in different formats, to help you easily compare initiatives:

- Visualization Chart
- Report Tables
- Report Narratives (Available in February 2024)

Manage Initiatives with Ease

Visualize all your potential initiatives, plan them for your next management period, follow up on already implemented initiatives. All from one place.

For the selected industries where we have a large number of generative AI solutions you will be able to start achieving impact in minutes with a button switch! Real innovation magic!

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Use solutions and models from the top AI leaders worldwide

AIManager360’ goes even further than just identifying the use cases. It will offer you a list of the best existing Generative AI solutions to impact the use case, with special attention to those that match your current technology ecosystem and show positive impact on final customer and product KPIs.

In many cases the best option in order to achieve accuracy an adoption by your teams will be to build a custom solution or fine-tune an existing one to achieve high outcome accuracy and team adoption.

As one of the pioneers companies in Generative AI, our company has already shown big success combining technologies such as GPT, Azure GPT, Google APIs for the top business impact in different industries. In September 2023 more than 90 AI custom generators were part of our marketplace.

Go From Strategy to Massive Business Impact in the Shortest Time-to-money with AIManager360!

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