Identify AI Opportunities for each of Your Business Use Cases. Manage, and Implement Them with Ease for Massive Business Impact

A SaaS B2B solution to govern your AI digital transformation that focuses on business impact with full risk control

80% of your business tasks and use cases could be enhanced or automated with Generative AI.
You are in front of the best opportunity to boost your business that you will experience in decades. It's time to go beyond the hype!
"Only when you analyze most of your processes and tasks you will realise in which of them generative AI yields a major business impact and you should prioritise..."

"For medium and big companies the impact can be measured in hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars"
Why generative AI?
Generative Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the business landscape. With the capabilities to mimic human perception, speech recognition, decision-making, problem-solving, and image generation, AI has opened up new horizons for humans.

The new Generative AI wave has brought to the market Large Language Models and transformers, such as GPT, that deliver a better quality of AI generated outcomes, and thousands of softwares using them in the background.

Although many of those models and softwares provide disappointing outcomes for business use and bring up additional risks, there are ways to fine-tune them, and optimise them with your own data to adapt to each of your use cases.

Capitalizing on Generative Artificial Intelligence now is crucial for staying ahead in the evolving technological landscape. Embracing AI allows businesses to create value, streamline processes, and stay competitive.
AIManager360 is the go-to company to help you not only generate perfect fit contents but also to mitigate inaccuracy, hallucination, intellectual property infringement, ethics and privacy risks by using the right generative AI solutions.
WHY SHOULD YOU USE AIManager360 Software-as-a-service AND EXPERT SERVICES

The Highest Business Return in the Shortest Time to Money

1-3 months
Relevant Business Impact
average improve in employee productivity
savings of the time previously spent on similar tasks.

Rely on Our Advanced Generative AI Business Intelligence

When it comes to achieving business impact with generative AI you can resort to a conventional consulting service and end up with a lot of to-dos that you need to manage or achieve massive cost savings and profit increases in the shortest time to value with AIManager360

Scope and value of service/service typewith a regular AI consulting servicewith AIManager360
Generative AI Introduction
chatGPT uses
Generative AI Analysis Scopevery limited360°
Industry Use Cases Benchmarklimitedextense
Number of AI Solutions & Models Analyzedvery limited> 100
Business Viability evaluation of Solutions & ModelsX
Responsible AI evaluation of Solutions & ModelsX
Compare generative AI initiatives based on ROIX
Compare generative AI initiatives based on Customer ImpactX
Generative AI RoadmapX
Generative AI MVP with first business impactX
Time to first Business Impact>3 monthsdays to weeks
Your ROIvery limited>600%
Generative AI solutions Monthly updates for your use casesXwith monthly subscription

Go From Strategy to Massive Business Impact in the Shortest Time-to-money with AIManager360!

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