Build a Winning Generative AI Strategy

Build a generative AI strategy aligned with your business objectives. Use reliable data and industry leading benchmarks.  Go beyond the hype to achieve massive business impact!

“Companies not using AI will be out of business in 5 to 10 years”

Go Beyond the Hype! Drive Your Business to Massive Revenue Increases and Cost Savings with AIManager360

80% of Your Use Business Cases and Tasks can Be Enhanced or Automated with Generative AI
Your first reaction to Generative AI has been driven by the hype of chatGPT. But it's completely superficial and only focused on one business function.

We are attending a unique shift of technology as we will not witness again in the next coming decades.

You are facing both a risk of your market completely being disrupted by newcomers and a unique opportunity to generate massive revenue increases and profit savings.

In order to achieve that you need to approach generative AI in an strategic way. If you don't your chances are limited.

AIManager360 is the most complete tool to manage your AI Strategy and yield an outstanding business impact.

How Does AIManager360 Help You Setting A Successful AI Strategy?

1. Set Generative AI Objectives Aligned with Your Business Objectives and OKRs

With AIManager360 you can manage your generative AI business strategy with ease. Create generative AI objectives and link them to existing business objectives, OKRs and initiatives.

In such a crucial technological moment in time it’s necessary to adopt a strategic approach to generative AI. If you go for a dispersed, hype-driven one, implementing only a set of limited initiatives and relying on internal “hackathons”, chances are your competitors will disrupt your market or gain a competitive advantage in a matter of months.

2. Establish Clear AI Policies and Responsible AI Guidelines

As part of your generative AI strategy you must set clear guidelines including Responsible AI principles. AIManager360 makes it easy for you!

The application of generative AI is affected by all the existing regulations, from GDPR to consumer to human rights in your country. It’s also impacted by your own responsible practices. You must create your own policies and ensure your employees know and follow those policies to avoid the uncontrolled use of generative AI tools that go against them.

If you are a European Company AIManager360 is already paying attention to the draft regulation of the EU that aims to ensure that AI systems placed are safe and respect fundamental rights and EU values.

We take all that into account both for classification of use cases on risk levels, evaluation of AI solutions and for any generator tool we create. 

3. Adopt a 360 Approach. Identify the Generative AI Opportunities for all Your Business Use Cases 

AIManager360 is the perfect tool to identify all your business cases and AI solutions and keep an updated inventory of all related to Generative AI.Our solution makes it simple for you to apply generative AI cross-function.

That means not only focusing on one or several use cases of your core business. Our Impact360 tool enables you to visualize the full potential Generative AI impact throughout all your departments.

4. Assess Generative AI implementation Risks and Mitigate them

These are the steps you will follow:
- Set Risk Levels and Corresponding AI Solutions’ Requirements for your business use cases
- Evaluate each AI solution and their underlying models based on clear and transparent criteria
- Define your own weight for evaluation criteria such as accuracy, adoption, bias, environment, society…
- Use the dozens of solutions evaluations already provided by AIManager360 and speed up your risk assessment
- Use only those solutions that meet your requirements for each 

All that, you can achieve without effort with AImanager360!

5. Prioritize Generative AI Initiatives Based on Reliable ROI Predictions and on Business Viability

With AIManager360 you will be able to evaluate and compare generative AI initiatives based on their expected ROI and business viability of implementation.

We bring to you the benchmark of use cases and tasks from the most successful players in your industry. We also leverage our knowledge of AI solutions used in other industries. 

But, what is more important, you can make it work for your own use cases using your own data to have really accurate predictions of the ROI impact.

Our viability score for each solution considered within your own technology ecosystem makes the rest of the work.

6. Embed Generative AI in Your Product Development Practices to Ensure Customer Value

While Many products and consultants out there are highlighting only the productivity impact and cost savings of Generative AI, only focusing on them would be a major mistake! Those are a part of the business viability risk of any product implementation but there are other risks that are still necessary to evaluate in order to ensure business impact.

As Marti Cagan, one of the major experts in product management, highlights, in order to achieve success and deliver actual value to our customers there are 4 risks including the business viability that need to be considered: value, usability, feasibility viability.
You need to assess all of them for the success of your generative AI implementations:
- value risk. Will customers keep buying or users keep choosing your product after your Generative AI Solution Implementation?
- usability risk. Are your customers still able to figure out how to use it?
- feasibility risk Can your engineers build and accurate and Easy to Adopt by your teams solution with the skills, data and technology you have?
AIManager360 is the most complete solution for you to align Business Impact and Customer Value. It has been built to help you apply the design thinking methodology inspired on the double diamond. You will be able to visualize all the facets necessary to achieve actual ROI with each Generative AI initiative and compare between them.

Go From Strategy to Massive Business Impact in the Shortest Time-to-money with AIManager360!

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