AIManager360 Responsible AI

Applying Responsible AI principles is for us really important. As a Generative AI expert organization we follow a set principles and rules. We summarize them here.
Responsible AI/ML
Waipify is committed to the responsible use of AI/ML. We strive to develop and deploy AI/ML systems that are safe, fair, and respectful of the rights of all stakeholders.
Our recommendations and analysis of existing solutions include a RAI criteria and search for reliable sources to verify the reality of the information provided by them.

Ethics Assessments and Readiness
We conduct regular ethics assessments to ensure that our AI/ML systems, fine-tune models and AI-based solutions meet ethical standards. We are prepared to make necessary changes to address ethical concerns.
In case of evidence of non ethical practices by any of the solutions matching one of the use cases of your company we will rate that solution low and issue a warning notice for the provider.

Human Rights
We respect and protect Human Rights. Our AI/ML systems are designed and deployed to respect the Human Rights of all stakeholders.
Equally this aspect is considered as part of the viability criteria that out-of-the-box is designated as society & environment for our evaluation of vendors, solutions and models. Vendors and solutions not respectful from Human Rights are not entered in our databases.
When an incident related to human rights takes place we will investigate, suspend the provider from our system and if the conduct harmful of the human rights is confirmed the provider and all its solutions removed from our systems.

We strive to ensure fairness in our AI/ML systems. We actively work to
minimize bias in our models and ensure fair treatment of all users. That is particularly important when we talk about find tunning and customizing models to achieve the desired outcomes.
All solutions and models are evaluated on a basis of fairness and bias practices and a score provided to calculate the viability of their implementation.

Privacy, Data Ethics, and Protection
We take data privacy seriously. We adhere to all applicable data privacy
laws and regulations and treat user data with utmost care. We apply GDPR measures.
When we build solutions we will adopt technical solutions to avoid that personal data are transmitted to the models. Also we evaluate and choose locations of the servers aligned with your country of origin regulations.

The security of our AI/ML systems is our top priority. We implement
robust security measures to ensure the integrity of our systems and
protect user data.
It's our goal to evaluate most of the solutions and models suggested as solutions to your use cases in terms of cybersecurity. We will both use public information provided by the provider, certifications, protocols and independent third-party evaluations.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability
We recognize the potential environmental impacts of AI/ML and strive to
minimize them. We aim to promote sustainable practices in all aspects
of our AI/ML work.

Transparency; Explainability; & Interpretability
We strive for transparency in our AI/ML systems. We aim to develop solutions using models that are explainable and interpretable, to gain and maintain the trust of users.
Transparency and explanability are tested for all the solutions entered in our table in the database. Analysis are conducted both with AI algorithms and also manually by our research teams.The environmental impact of the computation of the different models and solutions we have in our database it's also an important aspect we take into account to provide our customers valuable information about their risks.

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