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More than 250 Real Estate Generative AI Use Cases Opportunities to Achieve Massive Business Impact

AIManager360 business intelligence solution together with consulting research conducted throughout 2023 shed light on the level of the opportunity that Generative AI brings for Real Estate companies. In a report delivered with public data from an international property management leader, more than 250 generative AI opportunities were identified for an impact of millions of dollars

Since the appearance of chatGPT everybody is talking about generative AI.

The reality is that, currently, the potential of transformation for your real estate business with generative AI is massive. We are talking about dozens of thousands of euros of annual business impact for SMEs. Millions of euros for enterprise companies.

For the last year researchers and developers of Waipify, AIManager360 and our top-tier partners consultants have kept focus on the real estate use cases and AI available solutions as one of our main verticals. The result is the most complete business intelligence and generative AI management solution for your business to achieve massive impact with generative AI in the shortest possible time.

On a recent report delivered with public data of one of the top international property management companies, supported by dozens of user interviews and market analysis, AIManager360 identified more than 290 generative AI opportunities for a massive impact of several million euros annually. The opportunities go from the use of digital twins for predictive maintenance to almost unlimited property contents generation to the use of custom conversational AI in different steps of the real state processes. AIManager360 also provided the solutions that achieve the most accurate and risk controlled outcomes in the shortest time-to-value.

AIManager360 identifies your business use cases and the best AI solutions  semi-automatically by using its own generative AI algorithms, evaluates providers and solutions in terms of data privacy, Responsible AI, accuracy and provides you with a visualization of the business impact of each initiative for your company. You can compare and develop your own generative AI initiatives in the shortest time supported by top-notch custom technology.

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There are a few things you must know at this point if you want your real estate company to be the leader of the pack, achieve massive cost savings, and avoid having your business at serious risk from your competitors:

  • There is much more than chatGPT! Thousands of new AI applications are launched every year, many of them which have a direct impact on the real estate business use cases
  • As a consequence, you must adopt a 360-degree opportunity & Impact analysis approach. If you think applying chatGPT to a couple of use cases does the magic, you are terribly wrong
  • Building your custom solutions in order to obtain the maximum accuracy, adoption and achieve the major cost savings and revenue increases is sometimes a must. Solutions that combine different models in a smart way are able to produce the most accurate, risk-controlled and cost-effective outcomes
  • Incumbents are moving fast, but all that glitters is not gold. The fact that a company that currently is leader of its segment releases a few features advertised as AI-created does not mean those are the ones that generate most impact for a specific task. Be analytical and benchmark solutions, or you might fall behind
  • Classify each generative AI opportunity according to its economic impact but also to its risk level. If you lose sight of the risks, the impact may end up being negative instead of positive. If you are in Europe, pay attention to the coming EU AI Act and anticipate its potential effect on your company

AIManager360 is also offering free consultation sessions to share our experience and methodology and learn about your daily challenges. Those challenges and opportunities that you wish generative AI could help you with. We look forward to your feedback and will be happy to arrange an appointment as the next step. Book a free consultation session

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