Increase Sales in Fashion with AI Clothing Description Generator

Brand catalog managers can create high-quality descriptions for dresses, t-shirts, sunglasses, and other clothing items in seconds. Save time and enhance shopping experience for your customers!

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Save time and costs

Catalog management made easy with instant product-data-entry and clothing descriptions

Automatically describe clothing or apparel on-the-fly by using your product attributes within your own application. Use your own writing style and patterns.

time to write a high quality product description
time-to-product published
total listings per category
* This data reflects informed estimates. Keep in mind that every business is unique and has its own operational procedures.
If your average time to enter a new product with its attributes, locales, and translations is 30 minutes and writing a product description takes 8 minutes while your company publishes 400 products a month, the potential cost savings for your company could reach dozens of thousands of euros every year.
how it works

Start Using AI with Zero Learning Curve

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We utilize industry data to train our models so that you can get ahead of competitors and generate high-quality content without endless editing rounds.
2. Use a web app or AI Commerce Console
Access multiple AI-generators for tasks such as data entry, product descriptions, image enhancement, translations, and more.
3. Create fashion commerce content in seconds
AI-generated content aligns with the best industry standards, has impeccable paragraph order, and contains all the information your customers need. Focus on meaningful tasks while AI does the rest.
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